What We Do

Band Together Pittsburgh (a community based non profit using the power of music to engage and enrich the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum and their families) thanks you for you support of the 2017 Pittsburgh Blues and Roots Festival!

“The 2017 Pittsburgh Blues and Roots Festival took place on July 22 and 23, 2017 at the Shrine Center in Cheswick, PA. The Festival far exceeded our expectations.” said Jim Stewart, Band Together Pittsburgh Executive Director. “We want to raise awareness of the amazing capabilities of kids on the autism spectrum and we really did that. Plus folks had a great time at the new venue.”

We’re still finalizing the numbers and the proceeds from the 2017 Pittsburgh Blues and Roots Festival will help support the work of the Autism Society of Pittsburgh, to improve the lives of those with autism and their families, and those providers who work with them in Southwestern Pennsylvania. “We are excited to partner with Band Together Pittsburgh to promote not only the outstanding music that this festival draws, but to increase awareness of the special needs of people with autism,” says Jesse A. Torisky, President of the Autism Society of Pittsburgh.

Band Together Pittsburgh uses the universal effectiveness of music to engage, inspire and enrich a population of individuals who are unique in every sense of the word. Our programming encompasses everything from very basic rhythm and movement to on stage, professional performance and studio recordings.

You can reach our Executive Director, John Vento us here.

Spectrum Band 

Our focus is to create a “culture of can;” to demonstrate to people the awesome potential of individuals on the spectrum and to create experiences and opportunities to learn and to grow, musically, academically and socially. Our relationship and support of the band, Spectrum https://www.facebook.com/SpectrumBandPgh/?fref=ts highlights our philosophy and underscores our methodology.

Band Together Pittsburgh works with Spectrum at rehearsals, secures gigs and promotes the band and even helps with transportation when necessary. This Christmas season we went in to the studio with Bobby, Justin, Christopher and Erin and recorded “Run, Run, Rudolph (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/spectrum6) It is a truly professional effort that we are very proud of. Additionally, at our Christmas show, playing in support of two other professional acts, Spectrum drummer Christopher, sang Blue Christmas, FOR THE FIRST TIME, ON STAGE! When we say, “when words fail, music speaks” it was very true that evening.

Please visit the Spectrum and Band Together Pittsburgh Facebook pages and watch their videos, you are certain to be impressed. When there is an opportunity to go and see them perform, please do. Music is not going to cure autism, but in its own way, it lifts us all. It certainly enables these young people to soar.

Our programming is universally accessible. We provide the means, the music and the manner in which the whole family can participate.

Mobile Music Lab Project

Band Together Pittsburgh will begin this program in early 2017 through a grant from the PA Department of Eduction. We will have a portable trailer filled with instruments and travel throughout Southwestern PA, providing music programming and performances in partnership with autism programs across our region.

The vision of Band Together Pittsburgh’s Mobile Music Lab project is to expose those on the autism spectrum (and their families) to professional, high quality music programming and therapies as well as performances. The Mobile Music Lab is a trailer filled with instruments. We will travel throughout SWPA, working with schools and programs to provide music instruction and therapies in areas which are underserved and/or limited in their resources. Furthermore, it is our purpose to utilize music instruction and performance to help to engage these students and facilitate communication, emotion and behavior management and
to help to create a fuller life experience. Utilizing Band Together Pittsburgh’s over 60 years of experience in the Pittsburgh music scene, we will create a traveling music laboratory with instruments, recording gear and professional instruction along with an ongoing mentorship program designed to not only provide engaging, effective music instruction but also to utilize music to foster meaningful relationships and concentrate on communication and other interpersonal skills.

Additionally, we will create the social infrastructure necessary for families who are often challenged to find programming that accommodates those on the spectrum, whose behavior is often unpredictable, providing a performance venue and fellowship.

Lastly, it is our vision that, through these programs, that we can change perspectives of what those on the spectrum are capable of creating a more fulfilling life and being an inspiration to others.

Pittsburgh Blues and Roots Festival Band Together Pittsburgh brought this popular summer music happening back! Same top flight acts, same great time with the proceeds going to benefit vocational education and job training for individuals on the spectrum who have aged out of high school. 


Our programming is universally accessible. It is important that everyone participates to their own abilities. We have the mechanism in place to provide education, mentorship and opportunities to perform, enabling individuals to explore and participate in the Pittsburgh music scene.

Band Together Pittsburgh has created an opportunity for those on the spectrum to create and perform music. From family friendly open stages, to mentorship and support, BTP wants every individual to realize the joy of musical expression regardless of talent or skill level.

Music Camp

In conjunction with the Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh, we are creating a “music camp” experience which will allow participants to write, record, and perform their own music. This program will be modeled after the highly successful Joey Travolta Film Camp.